WHO AM I!!😎😎 (Part-II)


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Who am I you may well ask

I really wish I knew

If I am not myself at all

Then maybe I am you

To discover who I really am

Is really quite a task

Maybe I am someone else

Who wears a funny mask

I strive so hard to know myself

To discover the “real me”

My thoughts and feelings all confused

Yet still I cannot see

What makes me tick?

What makes me feel?

So very special and unique

My purpose in this glorious world

Is what I truly seek

I wish I could be creative, self confident and smart

Not quiet, shy and insecure

Emotional at heart

I wish I had the confidence to say what I really feel

Instead of fearing criticism

Uttering words that seem unreal

Why at times do I feel so alone

And just yearn for a friendly face

While at others I just long to be

In some far off distant place

With no one else to bother me

And disturb my rambling thoughts,

Until my conscience brings me back

To do the things I ought

And so I continue on my way

On this journey they call life

I try to do the best I can

Though at times the goings tough

I’ll do my part to refine the world

And make it a better place

By being “me” to my capacity

With each trial I have to face





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I lie awake and I am warmed
by a tiny spark – a dream.

Enchanted, I smile
and reason with myself;

my shade is light and dark.

You enclose me, captivating

my daunting prose of heart.

Enthralled with purpose,

a ray of greeny Autumn lifts

and crushes me softly.

A half cruel game taunts me.

So touch me again and tell me

where the snow drops grow.


That’s what you’ve done to me.

I tremble to see your shadow in the ivy.

My soft entwining rivers

have crossed their bounds.

My lingering dream will

find me falling down;

my fast and dangerous drown.

So hold me as a saviour of the woods;

embrace me not by time
Or moments, but forever…



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Why does her eyes spark with love?

The shimmers I get,

when her shadows passes mine,

when her smile touches me by,

and my heart enchanting the moments,

of those fragrances she allures by.

The clues she leaves, and the words she play,

teases my mind into bliss divine;

like the speckles of stardust

sprinkled over the sun blushing above the clouds.

Why does her smile hocus with charm?

Bright, mesmerising and full of magic,

the agonies of past hidden beneath,

and the sweet tragedy of future,

embracing every curve of it.

The cravings I get to see her smile,

the shimmers I get when she passes by.

Do you look up and trace the sky,

and see my face every time the moon shines?

Do you turn around and retrace the time,

and see me blush every time you pass by?

Does your fingers stop when you cast magic with ink,

and you think of me, every time you write?

Does your heart freeze when you spell my name?

For mine does every time you smile.

~The Nocturnal Muser ©



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Reflection is not overthinking. You stumble upon it a mile earlier than you start blurting out gibberish. Somebody once taught you that ‘prying’ is bad but don’t overlook the anecdote, ‘you can chase yourself down that road once in a while’.

Are you scared? The lies you told yourself so you can fall asleep, the ones you told someone else so they would stay, the point of cowardice where you chose to walk away, the people who you did not prioritize, the ‘thank you’s you forgot to give away, the calls you dodged, the times you hurt someone to feed the sadist, the words you used to manipulate someone who loves you, the messages you never sent, the apologies that lay there, down the sun, for some quick dry action.

ARE YOU AFRAID these will come back to haunt you at your moment of reflection?

But mind you, It is not self-blame but navigate yourself to a much peaceful place where you don’t see yourself as an epitome of mistakes and regrets but as a flesh and bone depiction of an ordeal through the desert, up the mountain, down the valley, heading to a shrine made of mirrors that will never break.

The weekend is close by. If you ignore a lot of crap you don’t have to force yourself to do, there is plenty of time for you to ‘Reflect’ and trust me, you’ll do just fine with a little kick in the butt.

~The Nocturnal Muser ©

WHO AM I??😎😎


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Since past few weeks I was thinking to prepare something on “Who Am I”. Something artistic. Creative. Casual. Anything. I enjoy speaking about it, be it even to a stranger.

Then it struck me that this could actually be something we, bloggers, should write and post about. Others, (by others I mean “YOU” The readers. The viewers. The bloggers.) should write and share it too.

No? Well. Sounds fun to me.🙂

Okay. So, this is what I wrote.

Who Am I? It’s just one simple question yet something which needs to be thought about a lot. Something, which changes with every stage as we grow up. Something, for which even a day is just not enough. As a kid back then, when someone asked me who I was, back then I only had a name. Then as I grew up, went to school, my answer included my class, my family, my idol, my hobbies, my dreams. I got new names e.g. The Poet, The Blogger, The DayDreamer😍😍, etc and the list goes on endless. With the variation in my answers in all these years, here I am, trying to sum up all of it together. I was once a guy who aimed to become a pilot. And today, I am a Chemical Engineering pursuer. I’m happy to have made that decision myself. Which, believe me, took me almost a year to decide. I’m also blessed in a way because I have such understanding and supportive people in my life, who I proudly call my family. My idol for the past few years has been my Grandfather(Maternal). I want to become the calm, patient, optimist person that he is. I try to, but I can never reach the level of optimism that he is on now. Of course I have my hobbies. I play basketball. I love to read novels, history, etc. I write poems, blogs. I’ve realised during my blogging journey that sometimes, your emotions are expressed the best when you put them into words. I’m an introvert (well kind of) whose blog goes by the name PoeticLife. The adjective shouldn’t be something to question about once you’ve met me in person. My friends know that well.😂😂

That’s all. I hope and I am sure that I will be able to talk more about myself in the years ahead.

Thank You.😇😇

Mine was a rough idea of who I am. Yours could be much better. I would love to hear about you as well😊😉😉…

~The Nocturnal Muser ©