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Fragile bones sheathed in delicate folds of caramel

A silken heart nestled in blankets of muslin flesh

Magnificence! Apparent, undeniable resplendence

A vision divine, surreal, sublime

Seraphic fragility – a fine gossamer veil

Adorning a valiant spirit armour-clad.

A life-force so vibrant unaltered by strife

An untamed wind streaking colourless skies

Exuberance unleashed, the flight of Spring

Warmth and benevolence soaring high

A dream resurrected by showers of zeal

Like Blossoms in Autumn for weary eyes.

Often I wonder, I think, I ponder

What blood must run in tender iron veins?

What magic births the will to hope and trust everyday?

How does kindness thrive when each day is a crusade?

How can a heart learn to embrace

Both Pleasure and Pain, love both the same?

Laugh it all away? The answer is you.

Here’s a feeble attempt to justify the existence of that Great Soul😇😇….





It’s time for sharing some motivational self-experience… ☺☺


I tell you life is interesting. Life is a journey. You take steps in this direction, you take steps in that direction. Soon you get lost along the way and sometimes you fall down. But I tell you, there is sometimes in life, where you fall down and you feel like you don’t have the strength to get back up. Then fear comes in. Maybe you have doubt in your life. Maybe you don’t know for sure what’s going to be happening in the future and it scares you. Maybe you’re worried about what people think of you, what they say about you. That FEAR paralyses you and I just want to ask you today, “Do you think you’ve any hope?” When you get old in life, things get taken from you. That’s post of life. You only learn that when you start losing stuff. There are some things in life that are out of your control, that you can’t change and you got to live with it. The choice that we have though is either to give up or keep on going. I tell you what that, “I’ll try one hundred times to get up and if I fail one hundred times and I give up, do you think I’m ever going to get up? No. But if I fail, I try again and again and again. For as long as I try, there is always that chance of getting up. And anyways remember that it’s not the end until you’ve given up.” You can stay here, get the sh*t kicked out of yourself or you can fight your way back into the light. You can climb out of hell. One inch at a time. You Will FAIL at some point in your life, accept it. You Will LOSE, You Will EMBARASS yourself. You Will S**k at something. Some failure in life is inevitable. It is IMPOSSIBLE to live without Failing at something. Unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all. In which case, you fail by default. To get something you never had, you’ve to do something you never did. Nothing in life is worthwhile unless you take risks. If you feel you’ve something to give, if you feel your particular talent is worth developing, is worth caring for, then there’s nothing you can’t achieve. As you start to know what you want, to understand why you’re doing it, to dedicate every breathe in your body, to achieve what you feel and what you want to accomplish. So to achieve that you gotta get out there and give it everything you got, whether it’s your time, your talent or your treasures. While it may be frightening, it will also be rewarding. Because the chances you take, the faith that you have that’s what is going to define you. The inches we need to succeed are everywhere around us. They’re in every break of a game, every minute, every second. It’s the person whose willing to die, will be the one to win that inch. You have to work harder than you think you possibly can and it doesn’t matter how you get knocked disc in life because that’s going to happen. All that matters is that you got to get up. It matters how you’re gonna finish. Are you gonna finish it strong? So take the chances, Rise Again and achieve the heights of success….




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Her craved groans would cast a chill

down her spine and unleash her will,

yet as I kissed her peachy fruit,

she peaked like the heavens broke loose,

for what worth bears a queen if she rides

And gleams like anything but a queen.

Sloppy she rode ‘til her sacred mystique did ooze

the wine unsavoury, which fell like a blessing

to the destined lips.

Ah, love, give me a silent summer kiss.

Her aroma is paralysing

for the senses, so I walk away to

the new born sun with a taste of her lips

still on my tongue, her scent in my clothes.

For all a heart wants is a sacred cloaked touch

but the coveted memory of her touch eclipses

whatever follows her trail,

beyond the stretch of fantasia.

She awakes a lust to revisit what

almost untwines her knots masked

by a warm breath, but I would rather clutch

the untouched corners of her heart

which prison a lust so vicious,

I retrace the steps away from her bed and her

to deny the whims of the morning whilst

the moments stir and worship the lust

which may last and tease

for another beautiful forever,

for she lusts for the thrusts

and the ecstatic flare without a seed,

to remember the night,

for she’s smiling in her sleep.



Hello Everyone, I hope that you enjoyed the second and the final installment of this poem given here above…

And if you still haven’t yet read the first part yet, here’s the link👇:

One Wild Night🌃❤😉 (Part-I)

ONE WILD NIGHT!!🌃❤😉 (Part-I)


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As thy skies unpeel the morning lights on her, I see

her stripped elegance masked by the morning dew

which so elegantly cups her golden-silvery innocence,

but I’ve seen the few moments of her intense wild

which unveil the goddess that lurks amongst

the evil waters she drowned me in,

the bosoms of heaven she boasted off whilst

I spent eternities caressing her peachy peach,

cloven by the roots of Belteshazzar.

I summon her love as she screams

to visit the almost unfelt moist stings

whilst she impossibly dreams

of the pleasures undefined,

I look for words to take her to bliss

but no touch so passionate would do,

neither a thrust so vigorous

but a silent summer kiss

on her neck and so she closed her eyes

and she moaned savagely.

Ah, love, you just peaked.

She would smoke and she would bite

and so the graves would stir,

for to arouse the forgotten

and the insatiable dead,

she need not moan….. 

(To be continued…😉)




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We all have that secret side which is weak, scared, bruised and imprisoned. We all know that, no matter how hard we try to pretend to be normal, we are insane in our own sweet little ways.

We tend to be like roses, all proper and sober, whereas wildflowers are what we actually are.

We have thousand voices whispering in our heads all the time. We fail miserably and nurse our countless open wounds secretly.

We might pretend to be blissful but we are crazy and goofy in our own ways. We are absurd, weird and ridiculous in ways beyond imagination.

Yet, in our countless imperfections and numerous flaws, we are humans who have within them the gift of magic.

The words we blabber, the drawings we scribble, the atrocious things we read, the numbers we crunch, the equations we solve, the broken songs we sing and the crazy ways in which we dance, precisely make us human.

Before you cry yourself to sleep for the fact that you are insane and weird, do realize that you are insanely beautiful in your own special ways.

Realize your gifts, dear broken souls, for even birds with broken wings never give up their greatest desire, the desire to soar high into the vast blue sky.




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She watched in shock, as the blood spurted from his neck, as she looked to her right hand which felt wet, she realized she still had the knife in her hand and his blood was dripping from not only the knife but her hand.  By now he laid on the floor his eyes still staring at her.

She stood over him threw the knife away from not only his body but herself, her mind going back to the events that had led to her standing here with his blood on her hand. She had known him for six years and they got on very well together, they enjoyed all the hours they would spend in each others company but tonight was out of the blue, total shock to her, how could she have predicted it would all turn out like this.

She had loved him, she still loved him despite what he did.  How could they be so in love and for him to turn around this evening and tell her there was someone else someone he met months ago and that they were in a close relationship and he needed to leave to be with this new lover.  How could he do this, she felt devastated, they argued, of course they argued.

They bought this House together, they were both excited and happy when they moved in, they planned their life together, did she assume they planned their life or was it just her and her thinking he felt the same.  He had given no indication that they were not happy.  They both had good jobs, worked long hours but when they were together they made the most of it all.

She looked down at him, his eyes still staring at her, would it sink in that he had deceived her, and deceived her in a way that was totally out of character for him, or was it.  Were there the signs that she did not see, did not want to see, she was driving herself mad going over and over the events that led up to tonight.  Sooner or later she was going to have to phone the Police, or maybe she should phone her Brother first, after all he was the Solicitor and right now she needed a Solicitor.

She knelt on the floor and touched his face, she didn’t want to close his eyes, keeping them open she could tell herself he was not dead.  As she looked at him and stroked his face she found it so hard to believe that for months he had gone behind her back and that he wanted to leave her for his lover, but worse was to come, news she had never expected not in a lifetime.  He was not leaving her for another woman, he was leaving her for a Man.

As she knelt on the floor weeping slowly for him, she thought of the phone calls when he would be late back, or they had a case he had to go over, he would get a room in Town, he always kept a change of clothes in the office, so this was not unusual for him.  Yet all this time, all this damn time he was in bed making love, touching another man, then tomorrow when he came home they would make love, she felt sick at his deceit.

She stood up and reached for her phone, she phoned her Brother first at home, her Sister-in-Law answered she asked for her Brother and he came asked what was wrong, she told him she needed him to come right over to the house, she would explain then, he agreed.

It seemed to be the longest wait in her life, for her Brother to arrive, when he did she opened the door to him, he asked her was there a problem, she took his hand and led him to the kitchen, there on the floor laid her lover blood over the floor his clothes soaked in blood and a deep gash in the side of his neck.  Her Brother stood there shocked he could not speak for a while then turned to his Sister asked what happened.

She told him, he looked at his sister’s arms there were deep blue bruises on her arms and scratches her Brother knelt down and closed the eyes of the deceased.  He sat his Sister down and advised her that they needed to phone the Police, to say nothing absolutely nothing, until he got to the Police Station and saw her, he told her the Police would no doubt charge her but just confirm her name and address and thats all, nothing else.

His Sister seemed to be in deep shock by now and he hoped that she had listened to him and taken his advice.  He phoned the Police who wasted no time in arriving, soon the Forensics were in the House just as she was being led away from her home by the Police, her Brother advising her to say nothing, he asks the Police to make sure a Doctor saw her.

Just before getting into the Police Car she turned and looked at her House and thought of happier times, when they met, the first time they made love and the the last time they made love, and his deceit his utter betrayal she felt.  She heard voices talking to her but they meant nothing, she continued to look out of the Police car window, it was starting to drizzle, as she looked at her House and thought of him in the house the house started to disappear with the rain.  All she could now see was them.  How would she have reacted had he told her he was leaving her for another woman, maybe she would have coped she will never know, but a Man a Man, that she never expected.  Slowly the Police Car started to move and she was now on her own.



Hello Everyone,

This was just an amateurish try at writing a story. This piece written here is the one I had written a few years ago. So do read it and don’t forget to share your reviews suggestions or comments in the comments section 😊😉…

Lots of love 😊❤.



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Why do you speak to me in an estranged language?
A cry for help featuring some self-depleting self

Why do you make me nervous through your commitment?
Engorging my fear, you proved to be help

Why have you, the most perfect body?
The swell of your breasts makes big of my elf

Why are you sleeping like that, so helpless and naked?
I wish to be the air caressing through your body’s shelf

Why make me impatient for the love I deserve?
The depth of your feminity, down, I shall measure with whatever confidence…




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There’s something utterly beautiful about opening yourself up to someone you love. It’s like you are ready to let that person see you in your true and innermost form. You allow that person to look at what you are, and what you have been, and what you intend to be.

There’s something utterly beautiful about trust. It’s that feeling that allows you to lose yourself in the depths of someone’s eyes and know deep inside your heart that the person will love you and care for you, but will never judge you.

There’s something more beautiful than all of these. It is the idea of baring your soul to the one you love. It is the feeling of allowing someone to look deep inside you. It is the sensation which surges through your being when you bare yourself to someone, and that kind of baring doesn’t involve shedding of clothes.

And just like a tree sports an exotic kind of beauty after shedding its leaves in autumn, you find yourself appearing more beautiful after shedding your inhibitions.

People can shed their clothes for anyone whom they fancy. It just takes a night to see someone else skin and another night to forget it.

But you can’t just shrug off your inhibitions and show off your scars to anyone. It takes more than just a night to do that, and a lifetime to forget what someone else might have bared to you.

And that’s precisely what makes this autumn more beautiful.

~ K@



“Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” 

Today we face so many threats from the world we live in. But the biggest fear comes from within… the fear to fall. Even the most non technical analysis tells us that the main reason behind this fear is not the fall itself but being witnessed by the whole world while we fall.

Many of us work day in and day out to top the list of the performers in our chosen fields, and try to make ourselves conform up to the standards the world expects from us. There are many others who do not care about the world though, but are still working relentlessly to achieve their set goals. The thought of any fall in the way to success for both gives them  jitters since it seems to have a potential of eventually culminating in a failure.

The success awaits those who believe that success is not permanent, the same way as failure is not final. So every time we fall, instead of brooding over the fall and wasting our precious time, we should rather get up and get moving as soon as possible with full faith in our capabilities and full hope for our success at last.


Hello Everyone!! As informed earlier sorry for the sudden change in the posts’ genre and topic but my old and current obsession with “BATMAN” made me to write something on it and something to think about…

Don’t forget to share your lovely and valuable views, suggestions or criticism on the post in the comments below!! **




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Nothing lasts forever. All journeys have a beginning and an ending. Every hero that is born will also meet his final destination. As much as we might sometimes want, we have to remember there is an end to everything.
Batman was determined to only live until he made a positive impact in people’s lives. He knew that he couldn’t live forever, so he made the best of his time on earth to help others and make a difference for the good of the people and their future.

Who will be there to save Gotham when the Bat will no longer hover over the city? Who will fight crime in Batman’s absence? Crime will never cease, but his symbol, his determination, courage and perseverance will live forever.


Hello Everyone!! Sorry for the sudden change in the posts’ genre and topic but my old and current obsession with “BATMAN” made me to write on it, something to think about…

After all if journey is no more then will the Hero will be cherished on for long enough??

Don’t forget to share your lovely and valuable views, suggestions or criticism on the post in the comments below!! **