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Today’s the ‘Festival of Lights’ all over;

A joyful day for minds and hearts and souls;

And people throng the Temples to offer,

Prayers, resolving to take better roles.

And most of them are richly clad and clean,

And eat such dainty foods and sweets with mirth;

Whilst noisy crackers burst, their lights are seen,

It seems to be a happy day on Earth!

But are there not hearts woe-filled, very sad?

Denied of laughter, smiles for days;

Today’s the triumph of Good over bad;

But what about the wastage in much ways?

True joy is when you see someone else smile!

True charity gives joy in Heavenly style.

Dunes of vapours from crackers rise,

Engulf, as odorous airs resound

Effusing joys to all abound

Pearls of gleams in these autumn nights

Adorn our lives else trite

With sparklers that motley skies

As soaring spirits of powder wander

Let us thank the heavenly might,

In this festive season of lights.

As echelons of zillion lights adorn,

And echoes of triumph and thunder swarm,

Watching even a tiny gleam perform,

Devouring ill,

Sparkling joy despite forlorn,

Exhorts A Hearty & A Happy Year merely born.



Hello Everyone,

Today is the day of Festival Of Lights i.e. Diwali. So I wish all of you:

A Very Happy, Glamorous and Prosperous Diwali. May God Bless You With A Sparkling Life!!😇😇


20 Epic Things The Kung Fu Panda Movies Taught Me (Including Dumplings)


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These movies are my Bible. While people look up to Jesus, Allah and Mahavir for inspiration, I look up to Po, Shifu, Oogway and the Five. There is just something so inherently wise in watching a panda kick some kung fu butt that I don’t need the Gods, to be honest.

While some may consider this trilogy of films as purely cute fluff that you “aww!” at, I find so many layers of hidden spiritual gems that I could rattle out solutions to any of your life’s problems, in the blink of an eye.

And here are 20 of my favorite life lessons summarized right.

1. There are no “accidents”. There is always a reason.


There are no co-incidences. Everything is a road map that formulates along with your choices. In any and every situation, no matter how “accidental” things may seem, if we look back after a while, we’ll always spot a pattern.

2. You just have to believe and the path with reveal itself.

The first step is believing that it is possible. The minute you armor yourself with conviction, the Universe begins to unfurl the road for you, step by step.

3. Trust the timing of the Universe.

While you may hate the wait, patience is the trick that you need in your kitty. Along with this virtue, comes the faith that everything has its own time. Nothing is too late or too early.

4. All you have is the present moment, the NOW.

The past and the future are just creations of the mind. What we actually only possess control over is today, the present moment. So to live in the NOW is the best way to appreciate existence.

5. Treat your past as a diving board, not as a fixture for your present or your future.


Don’t let your past define who you will be. Let it be the diving point from which you chart your amaze future. And let the present be the bridge towards it.

6. You are always evolving. Hence, don’t fix yourself in a particular image.

However comfortable or pleasant you may find the current version of yourself to be, realize that you are constantly evolving, constantly growing and this too is a layer you will have to let go off when you are transitioning into a new you.

7. You ARE change and life just reflects that back at you.

Everything is in constant motion. Everything is changing. And you are the biggest source of change. You are never the same person you were a day ago and life is merely being your mirror.

8. Your vibe attracts your tribe.

You attract your soulmates. Your energy calls out to them and that’s exactly how they find you.

9. True humility lies in your ability to learn from anyone and everyone.

“There is always something to learn, even for a master.”

Remember, there is no one who knows everything and the moment you feel you’ve learned it all, that is the moment you’ve stopped growing.

10. No one is “inferior” or “superior”. We’re all just growing in different ways.

Whatever level of emotional and spiritual maturity the people around you are, you have no right to judge them or their journey. We are all the same, just constantly evolving in our own different ways.

11. Always strive to be the best version of ‘YOU’.

Never stop exploring who you are. Because there is no ending to you. You are an infinite universe in yourself, so always strive to know your best self, the essence of the essence.

12. And help others to become all the light they are.

And as you journey, help the people around you to connect with their own potential. Never forget, the road to happiness is a lonely one if you don’t have others to walk with.

13. It’s necessary to doubt and question your path, at times.

Faith does not exclude questioning or doubting. Every once in a while, you will question what you do, who you are and why you are here. All of these are necessary, all of these are important.

14. You are under no obligation to be “perfect” because you ALREADY ARE.

Just the way you are. You require no edits to be loved. You are magnificent in your glory and magnificent in your flaws.

15. Life is too beautiful to be ignored or half-lived.

The world around you is too precious to be ignored for a few bad experiences. Life is constantly offering us a million blessings, only if we choose to notice them.

16. Your path is yours. Don’t compare it with anyone else’s.

Don’t ever compare your zero to somebody’s 20. Remember that they too started right from where you are at the moment. Also, never look down on someone who’s still learning what you already know.

17. The secret ingredient was, is and will always be YOU.

You are magic. You are what you need to be what you want. You are the only thing that is stopping you to be all the light you already know yourself to be.

18. Your body is just an outer shell. It does not define your essence.

Don’t let the exterior come in the way of your dreams and your goals. Your skin color, your size, your weight has got nothing to do with your self worth. You are already worthy.

19. You are your own version of beautiful.

You need no one to tell you that you are gorgeous, just as you are. Because there’s just one you and you are your very own kind of beautiful.

20. Your dreams are worthy of all of you.

Go full throttle at anything and everything that brings you joy. Don’t stop halfway. Your dreams deserve to be taken right to the very end.




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With no one around the wolves remain wild 

the beauty and the power of the moon 

still has a supernatural presence to it 

with every breath the wolf takes 

the soulful soft clear breath , 

the wolves howl can be heard for miles, 

with mystery and wonder 

the wolves still roam wild, 

and only some humans have joined by their side, 

in a supernatural way we have became the wolf 

the moon had a calling and 

it gave the calling to some of us 

who desire to be one with the wolf,

to be calm and rejuvenate our once lost belonging…


WHO AM I!!😎😎 (Part-II)


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Who am I you may well ask

I really wish I knew

If I am not myself at all

Then maybe I am you

To discover who I really am

Is really quite a task

Maybe I am someone else

Who wears a funny mask

I strive so hard to know myself

To discover the “real me”

My thoughts and feelings all confused

Yet still I cannot see

What makes me tick?

What makes me feel?

So very special and unique

My purpose in this glorious world

Is what I truly seek

I wish I could be creative, self confident and smart

Not quiet, shy and insecure

Emotional at heart

I wish I had the confidence to say what I really feel

Instead of fearing criticism

Uttering words that seem unreal

Why at times do I feel so alone

And just yearn for a friendly face

While at others I just long to be

In some far off distant place

With no one else to bother me

And disturb my rambling thoughts,

Until my conscience brings me back

To do the things I ought

And so I continue on my way

On this journey they call life

I try to do the best I can

Though at times the goings tough

I’ll do my part to refine the world

And make it a better place

By being “me” to my capacity

With each trial I have to face




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Why does her eyes spark with love?

The shimmers I get, 

when her shadows passes mine, 

when her smile touches me by, 

and my heart enchanting the moments, 

of those fragrances she allures by. 

The clues she leaves, and the words she play, 

teases my mind into bliss divine; 

like the speckles of stardust

sprinkled over the sun blushing above the clouds. 

Why does her smile hocus with charm? 

Bright, mesmerising and full of magic, 

the agonies of past hidden beneath, 

and the sweet tragedy of future, 

embracing every curve of it. 

The cravings I get to see her smile, 

the shimmers I get when she passes by. 

Do you look up and trace the sky, 

and see my face every time the moon shines? 

Do you turn around and retrace the time, 

and see me blush every time you pass by? 

Does your fingers stop when you cast magic with ink, 

and you think of me, every time you write?  

Does your heart freeze when you spell my name? 

For mine does every time you smile.  




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 Who should be blamed when a Leaf falls from the tree;

Is it the wind that blew it away, 

Or the tree that let it go, 

Or the leaf itself who grew tired holding on?

Life unfolds SO MANY misunderstandings each day,

It is upto us whether to – 

Solve it,  Leave it or  Live With It…

What’s your take on this question?? Let’s be philosophical and logical & discuss below in the comments section!!😊😉



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I lie awake and I am warmed 

by a tiny spark – a dream.

Enchanted, I smile 

and reason with myself;

my shade is light and dark.

You enclose me, captivating 

my daunting prose of heart.

Enthralled with purpose,

a ray of greeny Autumn lifts 

and crushes me softly.

A half cruel game taunts me.

So touch me again and tell me

where the snow drops grow.


That’s what you’ve done to me.

I tremble to see your shadow in the ivy. 

My soft entwining rivers 

have crossed their bounds.

My lingering dream will 

find me falling down;

my fast and dangerous drown.

So hold me as a saviour of the woods; 

embrace me not by time 

Or moments, but forever…


WHO AM I??😎😎


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Since past few weeks I was thinking to prepare something on “Who Am I”. Something artistic. Creative. Casual. Anything. I enjoy speaking about it, be it even to a stranger.

Then it struck me that this could actually be something we, bloggers, should write and post about. Others, (by others I mean “YOU” The readers. The viewers. The bloggers.) should write and share it too.

No? Well. Sounds fun to me.🙂

Okay. So, this is what I wrote. 

Who Am I? It’s just one simple question yet something which needs to be thought about a lot. Something, which changes with every stage as we grow up. Something, for which even a day is just not enough. As a kid back then, when someone asked me who I was, back then I only had a name. Then as I grew up, went to school, my answer included my class, my family, my idol, my hobbies, my dreams. I got new names e.g. The Poet, The Blogger, The DayDreamer😍😍, etc and the list goes on endless. With the variation in my answers in all these years, here I am, trying to sum up all of it together. I was once a guy who aimed to become a pilot. And today, I am a Chemical Engineering pursuer. I’m happy to have made that decision myself. Which, believe me, took me almost a year to decide. I’m also blessed in a way because I have such understanding and supportive people in my life, who I proudly call my family. My idol for the past few years has been my Grandfather(Maternal). I want to become the calm, patient, optimist person that he is. I try to, but I can never reach the level of optimism that he is on now. Of course I have my hobbies. I play basketball. I love to read novels, history, etc. I write poems, blogs. I’ve realised during my blogging journey that sometimes, your emotions are expressed the best when you put them into words. I’m an introvert (well kind of) whose blog goes by the name PoeticLife. The adjective shouldn’t be something to question about once you’ve met me in person. My friends know that well.😂😂

That’s all. I hope and I am sure that I will be able to talk more about myself in the years ahead. 

Thank You.😇😇

Mine was a rough idea of who I am. Yours could be much better. I would love to hear about you as well😊😉😉…


Dear Dad, In Case You Forget How Much I Love You!!💝💕


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​Even though I tell you I love you all the time, I thought you should know just how much I appreciate you. I’m not sure it can even be put into words how much I really do love you and cherish you. But here it goes anyways.

You brought me into this world, and for that I am grateful. I’ve had an extraordinary life so far and a lot of that is thanks to you. You’ve always put me and my siblings first. Even before yourself. 

You are always making sure that I have everything I need and want be it a hug after a bad day, or that mouthwatering chocolates that I wanted so badly when I was little.

You have always been there for me. From changing my diapers as a baby to cuddling me in bed when I was sick.  We made it through my stubborn teen years and here you are today still loving me. 

You were always on my side even if I was completely wrong. The amount of things that you have to put up with, sometimes I wonder how you do it. And I am forever grateful that you have put up with me for all of these years.

You are my best friend, my mentor, my role model. And I couldn’t have asked for anyone better to take your place. I am in absolute awe of you.

You’ve watched me succeed and fail. You’ve been there to wipe my tears or to see that ear to ear grin on my face. You’ve witnessed a lot of my terrible mistakes as well as my good decisions. You’ve watched me grow and mature.

I don’t think anyone could possibly know me as well as you do.

I just can’t seem to understand when someone says they would never want to be anything like their father, because I would do anything to be half the man you are today.

I know we’ve had our fights and problems. We’ve had our ups and downs. But at the end of the day please remember that I love you more than words can describe. 

You mean the world to me. 

There isn’t anybody or anything that could take away this special bond we share.

I love you to the moon and back,

Your Son,




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How I wonder you were a stranger once,

Just another pretty face amidst the rush.

But then you became my rumination,

To defend me from the demons in my mind.

You turned into an ally,

And stepped in my fight against the world.

Who knew an imagination of sorts could be my macrocosm.

Who knew you’d ever be real, real enough that I’d make you my muse.

Your soul is mine and mine is yours,

The body never matters cause you’re my thought.