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Things changed the day you walked into my life. A writer who could have thought and imagined of anyone while reading or writing, went through a change, an unexpected change to be precise. 

The cheesy ones stopped seeming to be cheesy. They reminded me of the silliest moment we spent together. 

The stories ending up with death scared me, the fear of going away from you was so deeply instilled in my heart. 

The love stories, they made me think of you and me and a future, however distant it seemed. 

The erotica, they did their best too, made me think and crave for you like never before. They made me go weak on my knees by thinking of your touch and breath on my skin.

You changed me, girl, and you made me yours the moment you walked in.



Hello Everyone, I’ve started a new section in my BLOGOSPHERE, that of Short Stories and Nano-Tales…

Every week I’ll be uploading one of these stories or tales here… Hope you’ll enjoy it… All types comments, reviews, suggestions and criticism is welcome 😊😊…

Love and Regards – K@ 😊❀