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While flirting with the taste of time

We forget to add spices of faith and hope,

Caramelised stones of memories

Lie bland & allis lost in stirred tea cup of dreams,

Reality becomes the dish best served when chilled

On the glass of life not well-cocktailed with love.

PAST being the light starter is usually avoided

PRESENT is a heavy sumptuous meal too much to digest

FUTURE is a dessert often too sweet to handle by the wisdom teeth,

Half- baked ideas set at 180 degrees in the pre-head oven of mind

Buttered with thoughts of gains,

Later, expectations & needs join in sautéed with greed

And egos scrambled…

Foes planting their eyes in others business rush in when smell something fishy

Poking the tooth- picks into others jaws

Instead of picking up flaws of their own!!