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Knock, knock!!

Knock, knock!!

Hey, mate. Recognize me? Well, of course you do. I am the same little voice in your head that you keep talking to. I thought I should remind you that you are not alone. I am here just for you.

When God created you, He knew that a time will come when you’ll feel lonely and you’ll have nobody to go to. And He created me for you.

I am a part of you, do you feel me? I live in your heart, I run in your blood and I am a part of your soul.

Remember the times when you get so excited about something and you don’t have anyone to share it with? You talk to me, your inner voice, and you share your happiness with me. 

Those midnights when you sit alone under the sky, looking at the stars and thinking about your dreams, you tell me all the possible ways of chasing your dreams. You don’t think about the impossibilities, because at that particular moment, you can give it your all to get what you want.

Remember those big fights with your best friend? The person you share everything with? You sit alone in your room that night and tell me that no matter how big the fight is, he’ll always be your best friend. That night you cry for him while sharing with me all the beautiful memories of him. I feel so proud of your sincerity at that time.

The day when you see your crush walking across the hallway, a million thoughts come into your mind when she passes you a sweet smile. I enjoy it while you imagine marrying her someday.

You are never able to express how much you love your Mom and Dad, do you? You are always shy in front of them and never say anything but when you are alone with me, you silently pray for their health and comfort. I love making plans with you of buying all the gifts for your parents with your first salary.

And when you see something in the shop that you can’t afford, you complain to me about the little amount of pocket money that you get and I always remind you that you don’t need to buy that stuff anyway.  

I am here for you when you fail your exam you studied whole night for. When you feel like a loser and can’t face it. I am here to tell you that a single exam can’t judge your intelligence. You are far better than this.

And then there are days that are dark and gloomy. When your head is full of stressful thoughts. When nobody seems to understand what you are going through and you can’t find the right words to express it. I listen to you as you think about giving up. You are vulnerable and weak at that moment. You feel disconnected and overwhelmed. But I never let you feel alone. I always remind you that you can talk to me about it. 

I know your highs and your lows. I know your dreams and obsessions. I know your strengths and weaknesses.

I just want to tell you that no matter what, I am always going to be by your side because I am You. I am alive as long as you are and I am only yours. I understand your emotions and you can always talk to me about them. We are in this together and it doesn’t matter if anybody else supports you or not, I always will. 

So cheers, mate! Because this little inner voice of yours will never leave you alone. This inner voice is with you, always.