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There are times in life when we are attracted to things, people, and passion, and so on. Slowly and gradually when we meet new people, they shape our lives in different shapes and change our perception. Human nature is just like that. 

At this point, she has given up on relationships. Maybe not forever, but for a while. She has been trying to find love for so long, but what actually she has found that she is not ready for love. She has changed and does not know when she will be ready again. 

It is not that she is scared of commitment; she is just scared of spending more time, being loyal to someone who is not worth it. 

It is not that she is afraid of trust, she is just afraid of investing herself in someone who cannot be honest with her. 

It is not that she is frightened of attachment; she is just frightened of getting so close to someone that she will not be able to leave if she needs to. While she has been hurt by many people, she knows it is also her fault for not being able to be ALONE, it is her fault for catching feelings so EASILY, and it is her fault for not properly giving herself time to process everything she has been through. 

She has just figured out that it is time to give her heart a BREAK. She would rather be SINGLE and LONELY than to be miserable with someone who is supposed to make her happy. 

She would rather wait until something real comes along than to get back with someone who always makes her feel like something is wrong with her. She would rather find herself in the meantime than to find herself in another mistake. She would rather be heartless than heartbroken.

Therefore, if you are a person who wants to be with her right now, just keep yourself to her side for a while before you shout at her. Just think for a moment to keep your behavior softer and ask what she wishes for this relationship. Just keep yourself to her side and imagine losing the gem you had in your life. 

You know, she is an artist. She does every possible way to see curve on your lips. Sometimes she collects the broken pieces, put into the order, and fills those gaps with beautiful colors. She is a great artist.