The situations that even I’ve faced at some point in my life as well… I couldn’t describe it any better…

Sorcery Files

“Will they assume I am a psycho?”

“Will they judge me?” …”What if they start thinking low of me?”

“What if my Boss thinks I am too mentally weak?”….”Will I get fired?”

“Will my family and friends understand?”…”Will they put up with me and accept who I am?”

These are few of the everyday thoughts that a person who is suffering from Depression or Anxiety (or any other mental illness) have. The morning starts with “Oh god, not again!”. Then starts the regular day of a depressed person, who by the way, also suffers from accute anxiety. I am going to put my example here as everyone has a different way of dealing with the ‘condition’, as most of the people would call it. And just for everyone’s information, NO two persons go through the same feeling while being depressed. I realised it after I started my therapy and treatment. I…

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