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Why do we stress on being perfect? Why do we get addicted to stuff? Why do we judge others?

Life is something which we don’t know why we have, what’s our aim in it & why do we exist. Shit that’s just another line of questions this time without question marks. Why am I thinking about this? I have no idea. I reflect on stuff, I like to think. Well, I guess everyone thinks about something; be it about the tiny thread which needs to be cut from the side of their tee or the upcoming weekend when they’ll meet up with their cousins and play a game of cards.

In terms of exposure to different environments, I’ve been quite lucky. Having lived not only in different cities but in different countries has provided me with a healthy type of people whom I observed daily, lived, played and ate with daily. The cultural differences they talk about, there’s none. To be fair, despite the fact I believe generalization for anything is wrong, but you have all the types of people in the same ratio in every country, every place. It’s not how they’re brought up but I guess it’s just that there can’t be 60 same natured, and with same IQ levels and with same thought processes people in a class. However we put it, no person is the same. Or are they? I mean, I’d say I’ve actually met two people who remind me of myself. How often is that? Generally it’s the elders telling us, or stating that son you remind me of my childhood or man I was like that 5 years back.

Yesterday I was speaking with someone about change. Which actually made me realise that despite thinking about change quite a lot and on quite a wide panel, there was this person with a whole new approach to the idea. What they said actually made me ponder for two straight hours. Change is good. Change is bad. I believe that it’s necessary. Basically, change is something we should cherish. It may be bad but when change removes the staleness or the stagnant state our life was in. My mum always tells me, if you can live with change and adapt to change, you’ve actually won in life; or maybe she means there you go, that’s one step closer to perfect.

That brings me to my next point. Can perfection ever be achieved? Actually, we achieve perfection daily. Just think about your morning. You look yourself in the mirror before going out. Outfit for the day? Looks good. Hair? After combing with your fingers a couple of times even after setting it properly just a minute ago when you were doing your hair you just think now it looks better. It’s perfect now. Well the definition just changed. Inside a minute, you combed your hair to perfection according to you and then you waved your hand through it twice and felt better about your look. More perfect maybe? Wait what is better than perfect? Does something like that exist? Maybe. I mean perfect it just a word we set. With the freedom in a language there’s no rule which rules out the phrase ‘more perfect.’ Coming back to the point, you think you’re looking perfect for the day one second and next moment it changes. Hell if your friend walks in and goes, “What in the earth are you wearing Karan!?” Shit. Shit. Shit. What just happened? You doubt yourself. Wait why didn’t my perfect match his perfect? As a matter of fact he just demeaned my outfit so much that I’ve started to think that the past 30 minutes I spent dressing up was for nothing. I guess it’s time to change again. Lesson learned? Yes, don’t listen to others. Their perfect won’t match yours. They throw a pun at you, throw one back. A more dangerous, perhaps one more realizing or sometimes more insulting depending on the situation and the person. That’s how I like to do it. That’s how I think it’s perfect to reply in that situation.