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We met on the bridge on a moonlit night,

The stars in the sky shining so bright.

I stood alone, I was all on my own,

And then you came, what a wondrous sight.

Such beauty in your features so divine,

Never had I seen a woman so fine.

You walked up to me, to my ecstasy,

As I wondered how to make you mine.

The words we spoke I don’t recall at all,

But I know I made you laugh and smile.

Then we shared a kiss, and oh! such sweet bliss,

As my mind you began to enthral.

I held you close in my arms, our lips pressed

Tight together, heart pounding in my chest.

Through the kiss I smiled, driving me wild,

Every inch of your body I caressed.

As our lips remained locked, our tongues entwined,

Your hands moved down to desperately find,

My rigid shaft. And tightly you grasped

As on me your crotch you began to grind.

My hands seemed to have a life of their own,

Pulling at your clothes as you freed my bone.

And deeper we kissed, as slowly I pressed

Into your wet opening; together we moaned.

Harder and deeper and faster I pushed,

Giving you more of me with every thrust.

I quickened my pace, tightened our embrace,

Not holding back, overcome with pure lust.

I could feel the pressure in me growing,

But I had no intention of slowing,

As you screamed for more. I couldn’t ignore

Your pleas as your juices started flowing.

No longer now could I control the urge

Your climax pushing me over the edge

And right as I came, you cried out my name,

As I filled you there on that bridge.

Mouths parted now, you gave me a peck,

Just a soft kiss on my collar then neck.

Then your teeth sank in, piercing my skin

And thirstily you began to suck.

And with that final kiss from you, all changed,

As my blood and my life you drank and drained.

And so faded the light, I became one with the night.

I am your thrall now, my heart is yours, enslaved.

And as quickly as you enslaved me,

You cut loose my bonds and set me free.

I was left alone, again on my own;

Thinking of what will never come to be.

So thank you for that beautiful dream;

For that’s all it ever was, it seems.

I know I will miss, the taste of your kiss;

A memory to which I’ll always cling.