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I don’t know how and when, but I have discovered this thing in me recently. And it is weird, I tell you, because you just cannot help but notice that one thing you don’t really want to. Thus, here I am, stuck with this abnormality, waiting for that day when I’d be free of this strong feeling which happens to ruin my peace of mind.

Sadness is a very powerful emotion. If expressed well, it can make you lament over something or someone you aren’t even connected with. It can make the leaves fall in autumn and the branches sway vigorously.  It can silence even a chirping bird and might even have the strength to wake up the dead. Surprisingly, this is also one of the strongest emotions which happens to increase its significance, in the real world, even more.

We’ve all watched fairy-tales when we were young. And at times, the magic of the tears of a princess would turn a metal into gold. Love, of course, was given the priority to depict happy endings. But if we actually go into the depth of it all, sadness had its own importance. Had the princesses not suffered the hardships of their early life, they would’ve never realised the value of love. Hence, misery was an essential part of their lives. 

Strange; right? 

I’m not here to express what I feel about this everyday sentiment but rather, to talk about that one thing I’ve started feeling since I don’t know when. This is nothing but the aura of sadness around people when they’re upset or turned down. I feel their pain when they’re around me and the depth of it, if they happen to be close enough. I can read the torment in their eyes and sense the numbness in their fingers. I can see through people when they’re off and this isn’t a very good thing to deal with. 

I am not a philosopher and neither a psychologist. I’m a normal human being with no superpowers, nothing. But it is during these times when I wish I had some. It is in these few moments when I want to heal these many people, relieve them of their pain and make them smile, at least a bit. It is then, when I want these numerous people to notice positivity, which astoundingly is present in plenty, around them. After all, how hard is it to notice a full moon on a full moon night or feel the soothing essence of wet sand in the rain?

But I guess all of this will go in vain; because, sadness and apathy describe the current state of a majority of the people around the globe. 

Do you know what the irony is? The writer, himself, is sometimes a pessimist.

~ K@