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There was this time when my teenage self found the idea of love quite fascinating. Curiousity took over my senses and I let love take over my heart.

I fell in love with people. Well, not exactly people; I fell in love with faces and ideas.

I loved, I dreamt, I got my heart broken and I picked up the pieces and readied myself for another such cycle.

But naΓ­ve as I was, I failed to realise that the more times my heart broke, the more my trust in myself wavered.

Gradually, I began hating and pitying the person who looked back at me from inside the mirror.

As I grew up, I learnt to keep my feelings reserved. I grew and my wounds healed.

I spent more time thinking about myself than thinking about what others think about me.

And thus, I slowly began falling in love with the person who looked back at me from inside the mirror.

That was when I realised that the more I loved and respected myself, the more I found myself looking for someone who actually deserved to be loved by me, rather than giving my heart away to any random stranger who happened to throw a smile at me.

After all, I wasn’t a beggar expecting people to throw coppers in my bowl. I was a human who expected to be loved the way I loved someone.

And that was when I learnt the mechanism of love.

It’s quite simple, really.

Love doesn’t start with other people. It starts with the one you see in the mirror.



This post was first uploaded on The Pradita Chronicles by me as a guest post. (You should definitely check out her blog. She’s just an awesome Writer.) And so today I decided to share it on my original blog as well… Hope you all like it! Much love and regards😊❀