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Why does her eyes spark with love?

The shimmers I get, 

when her shadows passes mine, 

when her smile touches me by, 

and my heart enchanting the moments, 

of those fragrances she allures by. 

The clues she leaves, and the words she play, 

teases my mind into bliss divine; 

like the speckles of stardust

sprinkled over the sun blushing above the clouds. 

Why does her smile hocus with charm? 

Bright, mesmerising and full of magic, 

the agonies of past hidden beneath, 

and the sweet tragedy of future, 

embracing every curve of it. 

The cravings I get to see her smile, 

the shimmers I get when she passes by. 

Do you look up and trace the sky, 

and see my face every time the moon shines? 

Do you turn around and retrace the time, 

and see me blush every time you pass by? 

Does your fingers stop when you cast magic with ink, 

and you think of me, every time you write?  

Does your heart freeze when you spell my name? 

For mine does every time you smile.