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Do you remember the exact moment you fell out of love with yourself? Or, the moment you began to hate yourself? Was it because of the guilt of something you did? Or, was it the regret of not doing something you wanted to?  Was it because you felt you were simply not good enough for yourself or for anyone else? Was it because you had disappointed someone close to you? Was it because you lied to someone? Or, because you stole something? Was it because you broke someone’s heart? Isn’t it high time you forgave yourself?
You have been carrying the self-hatred in your heart for so long, darling, that you have forgotten how it feels to love yourself. You have forgotten that you are still as deserving of love as the day you were born. You may have some dark secrets, regrets, sins, or mistakes you have committed that you think don’t qualify you as a good human being anymore, but who doesn’t? Nobody is perfect here. We have all done things we shouldn’t, said things we shouldn’t, fell in love with the wrong people or didn’t fall in love with the right people. You are carrying a burden in your chest that is too heavy for you to carry anymore, suffocating you. It’s making you constantly worried and depressed, giving you anxiety and panic attacks. 

Your hardened heart has become a breeding ground for demons, who are feeding off on your self-worth. And, it’s not just you, alone. We all have our own demons that make us difficult to love. But, love, all I am trying to tell you is, try. You see, those demons, too, are yearning for some love just like you are. And, love can heal them, too, you know; but only if you let it. Darling, your love can create angels out of your demons. 

And, don’t let yourself tell you that you are not good enough. You are more than good enough for yourself, love. Have you forgotten the times you have brought a smile to someone’s face who wanted to do everything but smile? Do you know about the times you have made a difference in others’ lives without even knowing about it? Have you forgotten the times you were too tired but you still willed yourself to live on, despite everything that went wrong?

If you had forgotten, remember now. Remember; that child who was so innocent, loving, caring, and beautiful before the world ruined you is still within you, waiting for you to reach out to it. And, all you need to do is, take one step ahead towards that child, who is still worthy of love, who is still worthy of everything you dreamt of, who is still worthy of everything you hoped for, and embrace that child, tight. And, don’t ever let go. Don’t ever let go of yourself that you forget to love yourself again.

Regards: ~K@

Wishing you a Very Happy Valentine’s Day…❤❤