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Departed now, the winds which shook,

The seeds of harvest form.

Gathered now, 

A feast to keep us warm.

Often, have I pondered over you,

Together โ€“ we are past,

The rivers rage between a storm.

Your kisses, there – at last,

Who am I to love you?

Who am I to say? 

Darling, see the winter clouds,

cast among the hay.

Take for us, the foxes!

The little ones โ€“ enjoy.

A summer wine of harvest falls,

Which they – for us destroy!

They cannot reach the grapevines,

They gnaw – beneath the roots,

And fell a vine, to suck below,

Do I not speak of truths?

Love – though lost in winter suns,

Revive in spring time  – come!

Put your arms around me – Love,

My darling tender one!