You see me. 

Shining bright,

As the sunlight reflects over me,

And scatters away.

You admire me. 

Brightening the surroundings, 

With patches of silver, 

That is my flawless skin. 

You love me. 

Reflecting your self, 

That beautiful smile of yours, 

Intensified in my reflection. 

You pick me. 

The sharp edges of mine, 

Graze your skin, 

Drops of red fall and suddenly, 


You are scared of me. 

You drop me back to ground, 

And tend to your pain, 

While I shatter to even finer pieces. 

And now you see me, 

For what I really am, 

Exotic, indeed, 

But damaged beyond repair. 

So you leave me, 

For no matter how alluring it may seem, 

There is no use whatsoever, 

Of a broken piece of glass.

~ K@MMY1431