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I’m here, as I lock myself in my own thoughts,

Curled up into a ball, as my mind embraces me 

with its bladed arms, leaving scars all over my body

I cringe when I hear you from the other side,

Breathing,Whispering sweet nothings,

Giving all that you can to bring back someone 

who probably never existed,

Tears fall from my eyes onto the fleshy wounds

And the flames, the burns, 

turn into smoke and dust.
I see someone in the pieces of the broken mirror 

from last night, someone I solemnly swear to have never met

And yet somewhere I see traces of your love 

that could never be destroyed

A faint memory is accompanied by another

A hint of a smile

I hear you sigh from the other side, ready to let go,

Do I fight, or do I let go too?
– K@MMY1431