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There are some things that are beyond our understanding. One of them is the intensity of missing you. I don’t know when it starts and when it goes away.

All I know is that it comes like the sea waves and kisses the shore of my heart; uncountable, unstoppable, intermittent waves. People ask me to get engrossed in my work and to block the flow of memories.

Oh, but why don’t they understand that the trivial earthly chores can’t veil my wild, glowing, eclectic love for you.

Oh, why don’t they understand that my love for you isn’t a child’s play that will be forgotten by the display of another shiny object.

Oh, why don’t they understand that the nights are venomous, when the wind, the stars, the moon hurl me into your thoughts.

Why don’t they understand that the rhythm of Skillet makes me plunge into your thoughts, to feel you, and to breathe you.

Like everyone else, will you also tell me to keep myself busy? Will you ask me to work in order to veil my thoughts, and to circumscribe my fleeting emotions for you ?

Or maybe, for once, will you be the storm which will pacify my wild, wild love?

~ K@