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The man stood there, at the top of the slope. He stared off towards the stars and the direction of the city in the night sky. He heard screams of terror, saw flickering blazes light up the sky brighter than any night star could. The rocky edge of the slope began to give way but by bit. The man closed his eyes, trying to block out the screams of the innocent. He reflected on everything of the life he’d spent until that moment. This was it. This was the day humanity dreaded, the day human kind wrote about; he squeezed his eyes shut. “The apocalypse is upon us…” The man whispered. Smoke and ash seemed to fall from the sky itself. It was so surreal. Everything humanity had worked for. Everything we wanted to make. All of it, gone. In just an instant.
Why? That was the question the man thought of. Is it because of how ignorant we are? How cruel we are to each other, and this is the ultimate effect of karma? Is it because of what we do to the animals of this planet? It’s natural to eat them, but if we’re capable of killing them in a way that’s nearly painless and quick, then why use such unnecessary brutality? Why? The man felt the ground lurch beneath him. Why? Because the Earth was falling apart. He felt himself falling. Why? Because we blame each other for things that can only be fixed if we unite. He hit the ground. Hard. Blood dropped from the man’s mouth as he stared at the stone that had impaled his body. Why? He finally understood. We are such an intelligent, and advanced race. So then why is a dog able to know more of what love means than we are? Why does a pride of lions accept females just the same as males? Why do Dolphins accept their children no matter what’s going on in their heads or what gender they are?
The man understood. We as a race were proved to be unable to learn what it means to love. To care for each other. To care for ALL who surround us. We proved to not be the intelligent and sophisticated race we think of ourselves as. We destroyed the planet before this day. We. We. We. We all had a part in this. The man’s vision faded, and he felt the walls of his mind collapse. “We are not fit to live on this planet. And…we… Never…were…” And with that, the man’s life faded away, while the rest of the Earth mindlessly searched for answers, unable to see that this indeed was the ultimate price to pay, but they were more than deserving of it. The world was turned to chaos, and the count of those dead multiplied by the minute. My friends, this is the END. 

#PrayersForAllepo #Peace #Love #Humanity