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Facebook wants to know what’s on my mind? Well, there are a lot of things. 

First there is fear, seeing the dread situations in the society today wherein people are craving for success with no efforts at all, impeding others and snatching away their share. I fear that will I be immune to this? (Well, being in the society all will face this in some form or the other) 

Second, there is anger. Furious about what has gone wrong with the world and its people.  Why is everyone turning the other side of the coin when things can work out without flipping the coin at all. Isn’t that just ridiculous? 

Then, there is Concern and Affection, for young people who are yet to experience the harsh reality of this cruel world. I ain’t so experienced myself but with whatever little I have, I am worried how these young innocents will bear it. All I can do is prepare them, warn them and guide them on to less treacherous path. God help them all. 

And lastly there is Love and Pride, for the people who have taught me to laugh with all this in my mind. People who have made me strong and have been a constant support. These are the ones who bring smile on my face when I am tensed, they are ones who console this troubled soul, they are the ones who count my tears and lend a shoulder. For them I am thankful.