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It is a clear sky tonight. We might actually be able to see the Mooncatchers.

Child: What are Mooncatchers?

You’ve never seen them? You haven’t looked into the sky very often then. They are wonderful beings, beautiful and strong, flying high up in the most wonderous of skies.

Child: Really? I wanna see them. Where do I have to look?

If you want, we can go meet them.

Child: How?

By going up there, of course.

Child: You mean I can be a Mooncatcher too? I don’t know if I can… flying sounds… difficult.

That’s because it is. For those who do not know how. For those who have the bravery in their hearts to reach out and touch the skies, it is very easy.

Child: What do I have to do?

Simple. You just need to close your eyes and spread your arms out like wings.

Child: I don’t feel anything…

That’s because you’re making yourself heavy. Just take a deep breath and forget about all the worries in the world. Lean into the wind and let yourself be swept away. Believe in yourself. You can do it. I know you can.

Child: I’m flying. I’m flying! I can see the moon! It’s beautiful up here.

Yes. When you believe in your dreams, anything is possible. And when you lean into the winds of effort, nothing will stop you as you sore higher than anything before. High up to the very moon.

Child: It’s funny they’re called Mooncatchers.

Why is that?

Child: Their goal is to catch the moon, that’s why they learn how to fly. But once they are up there, they realize the moon is for everyone. So they just leave it there for others to try and catch it. To become Mooncatchers. Only to never really trapping it at all.

Well, dreams deserve to be free and shine for everyone. Even though everyone has different dreams, they all shine with the same bright light Child: I think I know what my dream is going to be. Will you share it with me?

Child: I wanna show others the beauty of the world. Just like you showed it to me. I’m going to help others find their wings and fly up to the moon so they can find what they want to do.

I think that is a very beautiful dream. And you know what? I think your wings will have the strength to carry those dreams and make them all come true.

Child: Because I can fly?

NO, But because you believe in yourself. And that, my dear, is the greatest gift anyone could ever want. Believe in yourself… and anything is possible. Even catching the very moon itself.

Child: I think it is smiling at us.

Yes… I think you might be right.

~The Nocturnal Muser Β©


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This is a small attribute to those people who believe in their dreams and chase them without giving up. This a small attempt of mine to stretch out my boundaries towards story as well. Hope you like it.

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