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Even sunny days can cloud. 

Days of dark, 

Of which, light, they shroud; 

They leave, in all our lives, a mark. 

A sad, un-erasable mark… 

When comes such a moment, 

It’s natural for us to be scared. 

In those times, our hearts we wish we never lent. 

In those times, we wish we never dared. 

In those times, we think ourselves fools for being so fervent 

For all the people and dreams we so intensely cared. 

Our emotions then just become so hard to pent. 

But when you feel you’re at death’s gate, 

When you’re drowning in sorrow, 

When you’re filled with hate, 

When your soul has lost its glow, 

Don’t just tempt fate. 

Please, Wait. 

Maybe your life’s at a freeze. 

Perhaps you feel weak at your knees. 

Maybe happiness is just an unreachable tease. 

Do you feel like god doesn’t answer your pleas?


We all get feelings like these. 

But all the hopes and dreams 

You’re thinking to shun, 

Slow down; 

Life isn’t a race; 

There’s really no need to run. 

Some of us bloom a little late.

And that’s alright because once that’s done, 

You’ll feel as if, 

Even in cloudy days of an impossible sun 

That you thought was only a myth, 

That impossible sun 

Suddenly isn’t that impossible.