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The Rain had stopped a while ago, leaving behind its traces falling from the slanting sun shade. Tiny paper boats sailed in the muddy puddle in our front yard and squatting near the puddle, I watched my two paper boats sailing in harmony until the puddle swallowed a random pebble and made a quiet ripple to part them.

More often than not, I have seen myself sailing one of these boats, with everything I ever wanted sparkling on the shores just about me. The more I tried to reach them, the more I was left behind.

It was the ripples, always; sometimes the ones beneath my boat, which had the power over the boatโ€™s intent to move about and sometimes the ones inside my heart that had the command to suppress my ability to change the course of the journey.

Either way, it dragged me back.
But do you know the disaster it caused after abandoning me on a shore I never wanted to be on? It made me fall in love with everything about the place where I finally reached.

That is something about us humans; we adapt to conditions with ease and make castles in the air, adorning them with the ideas that had been resting inside the hidden chest we kept to ourselves. But when the time comes to put up a flag on top of the castle, a couple of uncertain thoughts in our minds bend themselves to form curves that resemble question marks and they run inside our head, knocking every door to seek a possibility.

โ€˜Do I really want this?โ€™ they make us question ourselves and drop another pebble into the puddle where everything started.

And let me tell you this – it’s the Ripples!!