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If I should write a love story,

I’d write of me and you,

No one else, just you and I,

Of love – between us two.

I could write, so many things,

But I would choose to say,

That you are – Oh, so beautiful,

As the darling buds of May.

No one ever touched me dear,

No one reached my heart,

Only you, have changed my life,

And caused me – fall apart.

I don’t know what it is – inside,

I know, that it’s just there!

As if two souls, were joined as one,

Two lovers – now – a pair!

I’ve had my, admirers too,

But could I love them? – No!

I could only, give my heart,

To one, whom I loved so!

So, if I’d write my love story,

I’d say, that we are two,

Imperfect souls, we both may be,

But there’s no one, like you!