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Fragile bones sheathed in delicate folds of caramel

A silken heart nestled in blankets of muslin flesh

Magnificence! Apparent, undeniable resplendence

A vision divine, surreal, sublime

Seraphic fragility – a fine gossamer veil

Adorning a valiant spirit armour-clad.

A life-force so vibrant unaltered by strife

An untamed wind streaking colourless skies

Exuberance unleashed, the flight of Spring

Warmth and benevolence soaring high

A dream resurrected by showers of zeal

Like Blossoms in Autumn for weary eyes.

Often I wonder, I think, I ponder

What blood must run in tender iron veins?

What magic births the will to hope and trust everyday?

How does kindness thrive when each day is a crusade?

How can a heart learn to embrace

Both Pleasure and Pain, love both the same?

Laugh it all away? The answer is you.

Here’s a feeble attempt to justify the existence of that Great SoulπŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡….