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If you are encountering double faced people then I want to say welcome to the reality.Everyone wears mask in this modern life to protect their inner feelings, insecurities, personality, etc .Some are double faced people as they change their colour as a chameleon.That is at one moment they are very sweet and at other moment they may be making fun of your innocence. You’ll experience that there more of these people when you expose yourself more to the world….

Don’t be fooled by me,

Don’t be fooled by the mask I wear.

For I wear a thousand masks,

And none of them is me.

I give the impression that I am secure.

Confidence is my name,

And coolness is my game.

But don’t believe me,

Coz beneath me lies the real me –

In confusion and fear and darkness and aloneness.

But I don’t tell you this because I am afraid to.

I am afraid that you will think less of me,

That you will laugh at me.

I am afraid that deep down I am nothing,

And I am no good.

Yet only you can call me into aliveness.

Each time you are kind and encouraging,

Each time you try to understand,

Because you care a lot for me.

Who am I, you may wonder, I am someone,

I am someone you don’t and can’t even try to know…