We’re all on the grind, we’re paper chasing.
Trying to get ahead, we’re out here racing.
No one really knows what kind of future we’re facing
So it’s time to take charge, we need to stop pacing.

Learn the politics to every skill,
Be ahead of the game, this ain’t no drill.
Pick up a book, gain knowledge until-
You become BOSS and can sit back & chill.

See the tricks of the trade, it ain’t all about money,
Gotta get through the storm before it gets sunny.
Mind over matter is what someone had told me,
It’s all about faith in this God-given journey.

So open your eyes & open your mind.
Whatever you’re stressing, leave it behind.
Have some compassion for all mankind.
Live & learn, don’t walk around blind.
If you seek then you shall find,
A greater existence so refined.
Acknowledge your purpose, don’t be confined,
Just follow your dreams & stay on your grind!

~The Nocturnal Muser ©