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There’s a time, for everything,

A time to contemplate,

A time to knock – an open door,

Or pass a closing gate!

There’s a time – a season’s change,

A time, for leaves to fall,

There’s a time, for you and I,

To think about it all!

There’s a time, to take a chance,

A time to question why,

There’s a time to say hello,

A time, to say goodbye!

There’s a time to fall in love,

A time for falling out,

A time to say – I’ll walk alone,

A time – to be without!

There’s a time – for you to cry,

A river for you to pass through,

A time for you, to bow your head,

And grieve – like none – but you!

But there’s a time for laughter…

A time for joy – in rain!

A time for you, to leave behind…

All your tears and pain!

There’s a time, to live again,

A time for spring to come!

A time for joy and happiness,

And love, for EVERYONE!