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The scent of your perfume draws me,
Like a lantern in a snowy blizzard.
I feel your heart pulsing,
As a woman in love.
You invite me as parching sands search,
For a cool spring of the desert.
Your heart beats in motion with your tinkling earrings,
As you kiss me and blush.
You tremble in the dark,
Your sweet shivers arouse me.
I touch your beautiful face in the stillness there,
And embrace you in the closing of night.
A treasured delight,
From which I shall never part.
You breathe in my ear,
And lock me as your prisoner of life.
You have condemned me,
To forever adore you.
Removing your lace like a skilled artisan
I unstrap the cords surrounding you
And carry you to the heights of love.
There we rest in the gloves of dawn
And none – not one, shall share our delights
Which is you, my beloved of the heights.