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And opened an old heart that I burn
A black page in my life that I turn
And memories that I wanted not to be shown
Did you think that I will welcome you after what you did?
Mocking, humiliating and considering me like a kid
Why did you come back and showed yourself as a stupid?
I suffered a lot to forget you and that feeling was repeated
I searched for you a lot
In places which are cold and hot
Never think that I have fought
Your evil feelings in every spot
Every day you see me laughing
But deep down I scream crying
Wishing that you let me flying
Into your world that was shining
But instead you let me drowning
In my tears that were dropping
Life taught me to be courageous
Not like you a weak anonymous
Showing off yourself to be famous
Misleading other hearts that didn’t think you’re dangerous
I want to get rid of your love as soon as possible
Cause my life with you is so horrible
You made my soul feel terrible
And you think you did something incredible
I am fed up with your promises
Your lies and your unforgiveable excuses
Your faking tears and kisses
That destroyed me to million pieces
I hoped that my absence would make you feel lonely
You crashed me with your feet and that wasn’t slowly

Your touches weren’t at all lovely
But I survived and that was a fact surely
What goes around comes back around
What you did no one accepts it as good to be found
Just remember my heart’s sound
You’ll miss it before it fells on the ground
And then nothing could buy it or any pound
I know that you were bad
To hurt me and make me sad
But believe me you were scared
To loose me and be dead
What can I say to a cold heart?
killing me and cutting me apart
That was just a start
To tear me and think that is an art
My heart is not to borrow
For someone who doesn’t know what is sorrow
Enjoyed me when I follow
Every bitter memory that you want me to swallow
You made me invisible like a shadow
And closed my happiness window
You have to get out and never stay for a while
Before I start shouting and that doesn’t make me smile
I’m not a phone just for dial
I want the pain to go away mile and mile
To let me feel free and live my style
You made me feel small
Like a dead leaf in the fall
Hanging up on the wall
No one cares about it at all
Or thinks about its suffering or gives a call
Hey broken heart don’t cry
There is hope wherever you are
Don’t let sadness take you so far
Cheer up and be like a star
This is the end
Between me and you friend
Against all what you pretend
With all my love that I spend
I will stand
To find peace and defend…..