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Lack of sex education in India and the world has already affected many people and the society. Referring a girl impure is a common practice by the society. You know that her periods are coming. Her period of what? Well, that depends on the girl. It could be crying, fits of anger, yelling, pizza consumption or chocolate obsession. So, instead of being the guy who panics or bolts when his girl’s on her period, use these tips to be the guy who pampers her or a friend who cares for her until she feels a lot better.

1. Don’t mention words like blood, pains, cramps etc. in these days. Even when her mood is good, such words can make her feel the pain again and even more this time. She may get angry, cry, or behave strangely.

2. Even if she gets angry, try talking to her being as much patient as you can be. You may think that her crankiness and her drastic mood swings are all a result of her period. You may be right. But that doesn’t mean you have to say it out loud. Keep it to you only. Don’t blame anything on her.

3. Get her food. Lots of food. Girls usually feel weak or more hungry cause of loss of a lot of blood in those days. Ask her choice. Get her what she wants to eat or cook yourself. It will make her love and respect you even more. She won’t say, she won’t show, but she will love you for this.

4. Answer her questions with care. Your girl may come up with some cranky questions which don’t even have a right answer. Your one wrong reply and you may be assaulted by a barrage of angry words, tears and the occasional threat to break up. Try avoiding such situations, or answer being really careful.

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5. Watch movies together. Just take a break from your routine and sit by her side. Hold her hands, get closer and spend some time watching her favourite movie or TV shows. This will make her the happiest.

6. Never say a NO. If she wants it, she wants it. Treat her like a queen. Try your best to get her the stuff she wants.

7. Ask her how you can help her. Do some entertaining things for her. Be a kid with her. Act weird, but being mature. Try to understand her pain. Get her pads, pills, hot water bottles just to make her feel better and show that you actually care.

8. Last but not the least, DON’T GET TOO CLOSE. If she isn’t feeling comfortable seeing you getting closer to her, then STOP. Don’t make it too cheesy for her. Don’t make her feel that she’s weak. Take good care of her like a mother does for her child, and see her smiling even on her worst days.

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PS. This article is just for informative purposes, in order to spread a good message amongst people and society. No offence, please. Basic idea via the internet and prevailing society talks. “Just another concerned voice of the just society.”

~The Nocturnal Muser



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The crimson dragon hovered over the water, pumping its powerful wings. After a moment, it spotted her sitting on the cliff. She froze as it began winging over to her, unsure of what she should do. She wasn’t able to make a decision before it reached the land, perching gracefully on the very tip of the ledge. Now that the creature was close to her, she could see that it was a male. She instantly blushed; he must have thought she was such a creeper for staring at him like that. She fumbled for words as he gazed at her inquisitively. “U-um, I’m sorry I was staring at you… I don’t know what I was doing. I-it was rude, I truly hope you’re not offended…” 

There was silence for a moment as her heart raced in embarrassment. Then, suddenly, the red dragon chuckled. “No, no, please don’t apologize. I’m actually happy to find someone else out here.” He smiled as she looked at him curiously. “I don’t find many others out at night. Or even out here at all. I figured I was the only one who enjoyed being outside at night.” His claws scratched at the grass. “What is it that you came out to this cliff side for?” She smiled gently. “Oh, I… I just enjoy the forest and the ocean at night. The stars are my favourite, though.” She glanced up at the sparkling sky, and the dragon followed her gaze. “…Aren’t they just so amazing…? I mean, don’t you just feel so small underneath them?” 

He was silent for a bit and she felt scared that she’d said something wrong. “Yes, quite,” he said, breaking the silence and relieving her tension. “Honestly, I love the stars. I understand the beauty you see in them.” She breathed a sigh of relief. “Really…?” “Yes, of course. That is mainly why I come out here, too. I love flying underneath them. And when I fly over the ocean with their reflection on the surface, I feel like I’m in space. I think it’s truly amazing.” 
Their eyes both drifted back to the marble sky above. “It’s nice to not have to be alone out here, you know?” she whispered after a moment. She felt him look at her curiously as she continued. “I mean, I always come out here to escape the insanity of my work, and the town altogether. It’s the only place I have to simply be alone with just my thoughts. All I’m saying is… I guess I’m surprised that I appreciate your company. You’re different than all them.” The crimson dragon studied her she caught him smiling gently. “Heh,” he breathed. “I could say the same to you. It’s not often that I find someone who shares my love.”

~The Nocturnal Muser ©



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You are standing in a green, lush forest with golden sunlight filtering in through the trees. Everything is peaceful and calm. You feel more relaxed and happy than you have in a long time. Then, memories of pain and loss come rushing back to you. You stare around you, wishing you could stay here, surrounded by the calming presence of nature. Suddenly, you see a man heading toward you. You ask why he is here. “This is a place where you wish to be”, he says, “a place where you can rest and escape sadness and pain. But you cannot stay here forever. It is not your time. You have been through hard times.” You remember how you felt back in real life, the numbness and sadness that felt interminable. The man continues, “You must go back. There are people out there who you love and who love you back and might need you some day. Every person has at least a sliver of kindness in them. You are the only person on this planet, perhaps in this universe, that is truly yourself. Even when you feel hopeless, search your heart for kindness and compassion. Spread it those you love, spare them from pain you feel, for it is one of the things that can make one feel the happiest. You have strength in you. Use it to do what you know is right” Before you can say anything else, you open your eyes to see yourself sitting on a bench on a hill. Your family and several of your friends are calling you. You head toward them with newly gained confidence, and promise to stay alongside them as long as possible. 

To anyone who has been struggling with bad events in their life that they have experienced. Don’t give up. There are people out there that are like you, who love and trust you. Violence, fighting back is never always the right answer. Kindness, forgiveness, thought and consideration can bring you rewards more than gold and jewelry, more than fame. It can bring you happiness, love, and success.

~The Nocturnal Muser ©


It is the fifth day since I last slept, and I cannot construct one coherent sentence out of my cerebral capacity.My mom had called me yesterday. I was still frisking the air for words when she hung up. The phone had rung thrice. I remember.

My room smells of gore and puke. Lover sits before me – immobile – his eyes upturned, half-open, like a door left ajar, unsure if he wants to let go of his thinning hold on this pretty world.

I remember it was last Monday that lover told me about a girl who had caught his fancy. He said he wanted an escape. I had spent days crying and begging for him to stay. But he left.

That girl lies dead, next to him, in my room.

Lover sits here before me, a splinter jutting from his mangled neck. It had gloriously spurted arterial blood when I shoved a broken bottle down his throat.

Lover had always had a thing for empty bottles.

I pick up my phone and text: “Hey mom! It’s a lovely day here. I’ll go out and have some wine today. Love.”

Lover is staring at me. His gaze, I tell you!— He always gave me butterflies in the stomach with that gaze of his.

I smile.

“I love you,” I whisper, gently slitting his wrists, “forever. ”

I kiss his gnarled lip. I think I can sleep now.

~The Nocturnal Muser ©


Being single is hard; not because you need someone to lean on, someone to love, someone who would love you, but because how much people around you try to make you realise that you better find someone soon or you’ll end up alone.

When you’re single, there’ll be so many times that you’ll hear phrases like, “Give it a shot!”, “He really likes you, at least give him a chance!”, “You know, if you never try, you’ll never know”.

And after a while, you start to get annoyed because they don’t understand. They don’t understand that you are happy this way, that you don’t want to ‘give it a shot’ only to find some happiness that, of course, will be short lived.

And this is because often when you start getting into relationships just for the sake of being in one, you start failing at them. What results is a series of mishaps, a long string of failed relationships, and in the end, the false realisation that there is something wrong with you; that you drive people away; that you’ll never be good enough for anyone to stay.

And someday, you’ll find someone who treats you better than the people you’ve been with before, and you’ll settle for him/her, convinced that you’ve finally found the right one for yourself.

It’s a rather confusing procedure, isn’t it?

Stop, I say.

Stop chasing love. Stop settling for what you get based on comparisons. You deserve so much more than what you’ve settled for. You’re worth so much more.

Start loving yourself, and love yourself so much that you don’t need anybody else’s love. Stop needing someone to love you and tell you how wonderful you are. You’re amazing enough, stop needing someone to validate your existence.

Love will find you in its own sweet time. And when it finally does, you’ll know what you’ve saved yourself for, all this time.

And I promise it will be totally worth it.

Till then, just have the hope of finding the love that you truly deserve, and that will be enough to make you happy throughout all the days.




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Presented below is a fiction that I’ve tried to write when I was in high school. How good or bad is it idk so I’ll leave it upon you readers to give your reviews and feedbacks on it in the comment section!!


Even though you’re watching me from HEAVEN, I’ll tell you something.

I think about you constantly. 

I wonder what life would be like if you were still here. I imagine all of the things you’d say. I imagine all of the different adventures we would have gone on.

I wonder who I would be if you were here. I wonder what we would all be like. I think about all of the different ways things would’ve turned out with you in our lives.

I miss you all the time. I miss you so much that my heart hurts. My heart literally clenches tightly when I think of you, as though it’s trying to hold itself together while my thoughts try and tear it apart.

Time is supposed to heal all wounds but, it seems as though time just provided me with a band-aid that gets old and falls off more often than not.

I know you’d hate it, but I still cry for you. I still sit up at night and wish that you were here. I still talk to you and ask you for advice.

I can’t help but want you here. Life has moved on but my heart and emotions haven’t. I can’t move on.

I have your picture everywhere. I think it’s because I’m afraid that one day I’ll forget your face. 

God… I hope that never happens.

I don’t remember your voice anymore. I remember things you said, but it’s been so long that your voice has faded from memory. 

I refuse to let you fade completely.

I won’t do that to myself. You are the memory that I cling to when things get bad. You are the hope I hold onto when things get dark.

I need you, and your memory is all I have left. So, I’ll keep it alive for you. 

I will carry you in my heart wherever I go in life. I will petition God to have you as my guardian angel if that’s what it takes to keep you with me. 

I know that you are up there watching me. I know you look down and keep guard over me. 

I can only hope that I’m making you proud. I can only hope that I’m what you imagined I’d be in life. I can only hope that you’re smiling at me and not up there shaking your head.

I won’t hope that you miss me as much as I miss you, because missing you is painful. Missing someone is too painful for Heaven to allow inside its gates. It’s too painful for me to wish on anyone, especially you.

I love you. 

And I miss you more than you’ll ever realise.

~The Nocturnal Muser ©

TRAVELLERS!!🌍👫 (My Story Part-II)


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 Presented below is a fiction that I’ve tried to write when I was in high school. How good or bad is it idk so I’ll leave it upon you readers to give your reviews and feedbacks on it in the comment section!!


Hey, love.

I haven’t written to you since we returned back from our trip. I was busy with all the photographs, and of course, you look lovely in them. I’ll show them to you sometime.

Do you remember how we used to talk about saving money and travelling the world? The fulfilment of this dream of ours seems surreal to me. I still remember the twinkle in your eye and the smile playing at the edges of your lips when you used to make a list of all the places you wanted to visit. Now that most of the places from the list have been ticked off, don’t you feel a sense of peacefulness seep through your being?

I just have one problem. I can’t seem to remember the sound of your laughter, but I can never forget the effect your laughter had on me. I can’t remember the texture of your skin, but I remember that it was the softest thing my fingers had ever come in contact with. I can’t remember quite a few things about you, but I can never forget to love you all the same.

Death snatched you from me, but it couldn’t snatch the feelings associated with you. Carrying your photo in my backpack and travelling the world has become something which keeps me alive.

Maybe it’s the idea of making your dreams come true which makes me look forward to my tomorrow. Maybe I’m living to somehow keep you alive.

But whatever it is, I’m okay with everything.

I know that this letter will be confined to a few pages of my diary, but I believe that you can never get rid of your habit of sneaking a peek into my diary every now and then.

So, love, I’ll wait for you to peek into my diary again. I’ll wait for you to read whatever I write to you. I’ll wait for you to know that I’ll always love you. I’ll keep travelling with you to make your dreams come to life.

After all, we are two travellers who are bound to each other by their dreams – your dream of travelling the world, and my dream of travelling with you.

With love and with a ticket to our next destination,

Your co-traveller.

~Your love.

The present letter has been used as a reply to the letter in my previous post My Story (Part-I)
Hello Everyone, this is another excerpt from my book which is undergoing the process of being completed a quarter-way… So as usual if you like the post don’t forget to like, comment and share..!!😉😉😊😊
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~The Nocturnal Muser ©



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“There’s no light in this world that can destroy me,” a demon said and smirked at me. The demon wore anxiety and depression like his armour.

I had nothing to say, because all this while, everyone had proved the demon right.

So, every night, I would sit in the corner of my room, crying. And the only person there, always with and for me, was the demon. 

Then one day, my eyes fell on you. I noticed how you were laughing and giggling with your friends. And in that moment, I aspired to be like you; to just get lost in a moment and enjoy it while it lasts.

I remember how I thought the best day of my life was when you had initiated a conversation with me. You talked to me, and in you, I saw a faithful friend. You shared my sorrows, made my insecurities go away, and with that, you made my demon crawl away from me.

So now, instead of sitting in a corner and crying, I actually sleep peacefully at night. Instead of skipping meals, I eat whatever I wish to. Instead of laying in my bed and mulling over whether I should go out or not, I actually go out.

I started hanging out with you. I could feel that it made me more confident day by day. It definitely was a good feeling.

People told me that it made them happy seeing how I changed myself. They appreciated that I made this effort, and this made me ecstatic.

But one day, I realised that you found all my stories insipid. I didn’t want to lose a friend like you, so I ignored that and moved on. In each moment that I spent with you after that, it felt like impaling myself, because in that short time, you showed me that side of me which I thought wasn’t even there; and I was afraid of losing it.

And then, the fears that were disguised as happiness, came true; you left me to be on my own. And that day, I realised that even friends can break your heart and make you feel miserable.

So, that night I lay awake, and from the corner of my eye, I saw the demon crawling back towards me. He patted my back and stayed there with me, as he used to. All the insecurities came back, whispering that they missed me.

But one thing changed. Earlier, I used to get scared of him. But from that day, I started embracing him. 

How can you not appreciate someone who’s there for you, when everyone leaves you alone?

“Indeed, there’s no light that can destroy you, except that of my own self. And I want you to stay,” I murmured to the demon, while he smiled at me and winked.

“Always,” he said.

~ The Nocturnal Muser ©



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Presented below is a fiction that I’ve tried to write when I was in high school. How good or bad is it idk so I’ll leave it upon you readers to give your reviews and feedbacks on it in the comment section!!



Sometimes in life you find someone so special that you always find the best of all feelings in the world with them. Here is a real life excerpt that reminds us that True Love can only be forgotten but can’t die.

She was the one who gave me a reason to smile. She made me feel the most eternal thing called love. I never believed love to be true but the day when I closed my eyes and saw her smile, I realized that I was in love with her. I still remember the day when I first saw her . The unforgettable instant that a soul, clinging on to the purest memory of its previous life, longs for(THE MOMENT WHEN SHE ENTERS HIS LIFE). Her smile was the most precious gift to me and thus I never left a single chance to make her smile. Slowly we both felt the same thing & got to the same conclusion that our love was true.I always used to tell her,”I’m gonna love you for the rest of my life.” And in reply she’d say,”Just love till the end of mine.” One day I asked her,”Tell me one reason that you love me.” And she used to reply,”If I would have a reason to love you then my love would not be true because love doesn’t come with any reason.” And when she says that I could find that reason in her eyes. But then one day all of a sudden she just disappeared without intimating about anything. I became restless and worried. I was helpless to do anything but just wait for her. I kept waiting and waiting, with a hope to see her smile again. And then one day I received a letter from her and I got my breath back instantly. But I never gathered the strength to read that letter even for the second time….

Today I would try to write below her words in that letter:

“DEAR You,

I want you to remain calm when you read this. And if possible, be calm afterwards too. I am writing this letter to tell you something important. I am leaving my home. It’s been a long time I saw you, but still it seems like you are close to me always. I know I have hurt you, but I will not feel sorry for that because I am ready to accept your punishment. Sweetheart, I need to tell you something very important today.

I am very lucky that I met you. You were the only one who made me know what love means; how it feels. People struggle for their whole life, but they don’t find their true love. Me? I am very lucky in this matter. The days we spent smiling at each other were the most beautiful days of my life.

I wanted to tell you that I am not well. You were the one who had first noticed my cough. You had immediately taken me to the hospital for check-up. There we came to know it was an allergy. Later on I became weaker and weaker. After some more tests, It’s “Throat Carcinoma” the oncologist had said. Throat Cancer. We didn’t know how. You knew I don’t smoke. But still sometimes it happens to non-smokers too. And God’s plan was to make me one of them.

The funny thing is that despite of many things that happened in your life at various stages, you were with me all the time. I made mistakes. I held so much back from you and yet you cared for me. I know you wanted more of my caring too, but I’m sorry I was unable to give it to you. Well, the first time I didn’t think you were a right person. And the second time, well I did but have no time.

I still remember your night cuddles when I used to place my head on your lap- My TALL, SHADY, PILLOW TREE. I still remember your first Spider-Man type KISS. Both our faces upside-down to each other. I will miss the movies we watched at my home when no-one was present there. I will miss the late night SMS chatting. I will miss being your GIRL, who disturbed you in your dreams or I can say who loved you in your dreams too.

I will misss your cuddles. I will miss our walk in campus holding each other’s hands. I will miss studying together and then going for a long drive on my access. I will miss eating burger with you. I will miss playing footsie in the library with you. I will miss the glances we stole in the sessions. I will misss my bad performances and the tears afterwards that you wiped. I will misss how you made me laugh. I will miss how you played with the twirls of my hair. I will misss how you watched me putting the eye-liner. I will miss how you zipped me up in my blanket when I was all cold and shivering. And yeah the best of all I will miss the lip lock kiss I used to give you which you felt was like warm honey when you came home after being worked up at job.

I’m not the one for details. Suffice to say; yesterday the oncologist said I have little over two weeks left. The last day is supposed to be horrible. I would like skip the gory parts. But now trust me you don’t want to know further. You have something meaningful going on in your life. Your aim and goal both are wonderful. And if your secret thing works, what I think is it will, you will be able to make it even better. And if that happens I won’t be there to disturb or divert your attention anymore. I have seen your love. Now I don’t want to see your pity. I am a pretty, sexy crossword girl. That is how I want to stay in your mind forever. Your pretty, sexy crossword girl.

Meanwhile in what little time I have, I plan to travel everywhere I can. In the last two days I will find a corner for myself in this India where I don’t bother anyone. Then I will go. You know what? On my last day, I will think only about you.

A good thing has come of my decision to leave here. I feel free enough to tell you everything. I don’t have to hold back or say the right thing anymore. For instance, it isn’t just you who had a sleepless night at my place. I never slept either. I thought of how hard it was going to be to leave you. Funny, I’ve never felt that way about leaving the world. But leaving you, yes that was difficult.

Dear, wherever I may go, my love will come to you one day, but you have to make a last promise that till then you will not lose your hope. I made a promise to you that my love will always be there for you till the end and after, so my love will return back to you to keep my promise. You are a very brave boy. I know you will keep my words. I wrote this letter, and asked my mother to post it if I die. Today, if you are reading this letter, it means that I’m no more in this world. But it doesn’t mean that our love came to an end. My love will return back to you and, till then, you can’t be weak.

I want to end this letter by saying something I wanted to say to at least someone in lifetime. Though both of us have told this thing to each other a thousand times. Still. So here, goes:

I love you. I absolutely, completely love you. And will do so to my last day. Bye. Take care.


Hello Everyone, this is an excerpt from my book which is undergoing the process of being started😅… So if you like the post don’t forget to like, comment and share..!!😉😉😊😊

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